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Blanco Claron 700 IF A in Durinox

Blanco is introducing a total of 14 new single and double bowls made using the innovative Durinox surface material to enhance its popular Claron range of bowls from SteelArt, adding a range of further designs made out of this resistant material. The new bowls are available as undermount or as IF flat-rim designs, also available with an integrated tap ledge. The latter all have the intuitive drain remote PushControl and the InFino drain system. The expansion of the Durinox range opens up even more creative possibilities for planners, as in addition to the Durinox versions, all Claron bowls are also available with the high-quality stainless steel satin polish surface.

Introducing the BLANCO CLARON bowls with Durinox surface

The elegant minimalist design of the Claron bowls from the high-tech manufactury SteelArt is evident in features such as the distinctive 10-millimetre corner radii. Durinox gives it even greater functionality and panache. The material exudes timeless tranquility thanks to the exceptionally homogeneous surface structure, with its velvety matt look and soft feel.

As an innovative material, Durinox was introduced in 2013 and has the highest degree of hardness yet for uncoated, pure stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen. It is based on aerospace technology that Blanco has developed further. The material, hardened with modern shotpeening technology, is over twice as hard as conventional stainless steel surfaces and thus highly resistant to scratches.

Fingerprints can be cleaned from the easy-care and easy-to-clean surface with a single wipe.

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