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Leicht Kitchen 2021 - Bossa Walnut

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With an impressive size and in combination with high-quality materials such as exquisite real wood and dark ceramics, this planning scenario sets new standards and attracts attention. The complete cladding of the handle-less kitchen run and the adjoining units with the new BOSSA programme in walnut is an architectural statement that makes no compromises in terms of function or aesthetics: all equipment as well as storage space solutions are concealed behind the expressive BOSSA front clad with fine walnut, which for the first time makes it possible for LEICHT to style large areas in a completely homogeneous manner and thus create a uniform, perfectly shaped look throughout the entire living space.

In this way, the second material, a mitred ceramic, also comes into its own in this planning scenario. The free-standing island block in front of the kitchen run as well as the worktops are made of high-quality ceramic –- they underline the sophisticated, luxurious look of this exceptional kitchen, which could potentially become a true style icon. Details such as colour-coordinated taps round off the harmonious overall picture. In partnership with the vital, vertical lines of BOSSA, the carcase – in a newly launched height of 86 cm – emphasises the cubic look. The interior of the individual elements also sensitively blends into the dark colour concept with a new carcase colour in carbon grey – vividly grained walnut, iridescent ceramics and the light-reflecting carbon grey create a harmonious combination with an emotional effect.


BOSSA. The polarising, creative novelty: real wood surface programme for interior design concepts spanning several rooms

Calm, spaciousness, vitality: with the BOSSA wall panelling, LEICHT is presenting a new front that, in this form, is new to the German kitchen market and creates a completely new visual language in the kitchen and the entire living space. A high-quality real wood front in oak or walnut veneer is given a special texture: protruding, linear ridges, 7.5 mm wide with a gap of 5 mm between each ridge, give the veneer a delicate, extremely vital, three-dimensional look. The overall width of this fundamental pattern of 12.5 mm corresponds exactly to LEICHT’s vertical joint pattern. This visually creates a unique fusion of kitchen, wall and unit fronts – the entire surface seems to be a furniture soloist, a seamless room module. In this handle-less, large-scale EVO planning scenario with a filigree 6 mm worktop, the use of the BOSSA range radiates an inviting calm and uniformity due to the wood grain – kitchen is interior and interior is kitchen. BOSSA can be used individually beyond the cooking area in living rooms, halls, stairwells and other areas; there are almost no limits to its use in interior design.

Dark interior: carbon grey is the new extension to the carcase colour range

Ideally, the external appearance of a kitchen and its interior should harmonise with the aesthetics of the adjoining living area. This is why the new, dark carcase colour carbon grey enriches the existing LEICHT range in an attractive way. In order to create a colour-homogeneous look, the interior of this kitchen scenario is coordinated to match the new colour – from cutlery trays, through waste systems to pullouts. The powder-coated frames also appear in carbon grey with a delicate shimmer, while the glass elements of the pullouts are slightly tinted with a chamfered edge. To date, LEICHT has kept its unit interiors in a light platinum grey. While the carcase in platinum has a clear, technically objective look, the carcase in carbon grey appeals directly to the senses. Due to the trend towards furnishing the adjoining dining and living rooms in dark nuances and matt surfaces, it was a logical decision to include the new colour in the existing range and to make it available for all LEICHT design lines – PRIMO, EVO, CONTINO and AVANCE – because these fine details make the decisive difference in what is in total an emotional work of art: the kitchen.

Pure aesthetics thanks to a new carcase height of 86 cm

Along with the heights of 73 cm and 80 cm, LEICHT has now added a third carcase height of 86 cm to its product range, which due to its lower plinth subtly but decisively changes our perception of the kitchen. With a plinth height of just 7 cm the new dimension creates a cubic, poised and architecturally clear look, which reflects the current trend towards a reduced design language and is available for the PRIMO, EVO and CONTINO lines. In addition to the classic front design with one drawer and two pull-outs, the handle-less concepts now also offer the option of an almost central division in the front view, which also creates new design options. The extra storage space and a worktop height that is comfortable for taller people are an enrichment for kitchen planning.

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