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The new LEICHT Kitchen collection preview 2019 - All over the world LEICHT is now synonymous with homely, prestigious and open kitchens in all price segments and has found a place for itself with individually plannable kitchens that are outstanding value for money. Most recently the company has also devoted its attention to designing the dining and living area with room dividers, shelving and complete wall coverings in appropriate colours and materials.

Minimalist and authentic

The new LEICHT range Solid is pleasant to the touch and cuts a convincing figure with
its minimalist design and high-grade finishing.

Solid is the name of the new range presented by LEICHT for the first time at Eurocucina 2018. At first glance, Solid has a minimalist and timelessly elegant air. When you open the calm, handle-less fronts, a high-grade solid-wood edge becomes visible – an expression of solid craftsmanship which lends the range considerable emotionality.

The fronts consist of a laminate-covered wooden core with an anti-fingerprint finish in black or white; the surrounding edges are crafted from solid oak. In its visual reticence, Solid can be planned entirely to suit the living area and incorporated in various interior styles – the classically elegant colours of black or white as well as neutral-coloured and versatile oak make a Solid kitchen durable and homely, reflecting the values of the company LEICHT.

Elegance and harmony with expressive surfaces

The elegant structure of the dark mountain robinia meets the subdued elegance of „olive grey“.

The contrast of light/dark is a classic and popular surface combination in interior design. With the new colour olive grey and the wooden structure of a mountain robinia, LEICHT is now presenting this combination in a subdued, harmonious look that exudes top-class elegance. For the first time, LEICHT is presenting both surfaces together with a harmonious composition of tall unit front, island and delicate shelves.

The highly structured surface of the mountain robinia is authentic both to look at and touch, lending the furniture a natural quality. The mountain robinia is harmoniously combined with the new colour olive grey. Olive grey is a colour based on white. Together with a gentle green and a warm grey, it results in a shade that generates a pleasant homeliness and perfectly complements the darker wood tones, verging on grey, that are currently popular.

LEICHT calls this colour collage „Metropolitan merge“. Preliminary surveys indicate a leading position for this collage in the new collage trends LEICHT has developed for 2019. The focus in terms of interior design in this room is a tall unit block, the wooden surfaces of which look like wall cladding. This effect is underlined by the delicate shelving. The island equipped with all the functional elements is at right angles to this tall unit block and is deliberately designed as a contrast in terms of colour and material. This planing concept makes the island look as if it is an individual piece of furniture.

The combining element is the horizontal running griprail profile which stretches along all the units at the height of the worktop. As an optional extra, lighting can be fitted to the profile and adjusted individually in terms of intensity and colour temperature.

Open and homely

Shelving systems bring lightness and homeliness into a kitchen. LEICHT is presenting its delicate and highly adaptable shelving system Fios.

There is hardly any other piece of furniture with which you can express as much personal style, nonchalance and openness as with a shelving system. Shelving makes it possible to plan kitchens in particular as individual, open rooms which are part of the living area, to create flowing transitions, to instil vitality and to make an effective contrast to closed surfaces and areas. This is why elements such as
shelving, which can be designed individually, are so important in LEICHT kitchen planning.

Fios is the name of this new shelving system, fixed to the wall and made to measure. The structure consists of a power-coated steel bracket framework accommodating shelving which can vary in terms of material and colour. There is a wide range of designs, from synthetic surfaces through genuine wood veneers, matt or gloss finishes to concrete, and of colours, including selected tones from Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier which in kitchens are only available from LEICHT.

Material collages provide orientation

Woods, lacquers, stones, light or dark structures, matt or gloss surfaces – what is the right combination here?

Le Corbusier provided orientation in terms of colour with his Architectural Polychromy“ system. With new material collages, LEICHT orders and groups its colour, structure and surface designs to create atmospheric pictures and material compositions which are aimed to appeal to the instinctive feelings of the observer and thus generate a sense of approval or rejection, and in this way provide orientation.

There is no defined combination of two or three programme surfaces but a whole optional material package consisting of all kinds of different materials which generate their own atmospheric effect. Every collage, every atmospheric picture has its own definition with which the subject is described.

Wooden yearning describes an interplay of materials made predominantly of light woods which in turn are combined with mostly light surfaces. These other light materials, however, are more dominant than wood as a surface material.

These collages were developed in collaboration with the Stuttgart-based institute „raumPROBE“ and thus perfectly reflect the current trends in interior design. The material compositions are selected so that they complement each other holistically in their effect. Particularly in a time when the exclusivity of „white“ is being broken, such material compositions provide orientation and substantiate first inner visions and ideas.

New drawer organisation

LEICHT is offering a new interior fitting system with spacious division and a clear and calm look.

LEICHT kitchens are all about timeless elegance and a clear, calm appearance. Open the drawers and pullouts and you will find exactly the same look. For the first time at Eurocucina in Milan, LEICHT is presenting an innovative interior fitting system which, unlike conventional organisation, is arranged crossways and thus has a horizontal look.

The new Combo system conveys an entirely new experience of clarity and tidiness: cutlery, knives, spice jars and lots of different accessories find their place in crosswise trays – this is a different, much more spacious looking orientation than the conventional vertical arrangement. In colour and material, the new system has a timeless, elegant look and is harmoniously coordinated with all LEICHT kitchens. The interior is kept in neutral black and is varied with different accessories, trays and fixtures in top-quality oak.

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