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Leicht Kitchen Collection 2021

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With the 2021 collection, LEICHT invites you to view the kitchen and cross-room living as an entity. And in doing so, the kitchen manufacturer from Waldstetten takes all conceivable individual wishes and needs into consideration. The focus is on design solutions for a wide range of room sizes, for areas with challenging structural conditions, but also for the diverse demands placed on kitchens. 


Primarily the function or the combination of function and architectural representation plays a decisive role. As a logical continuation of past collections with which the architectural brand positioned itself in the interior design sector, this year’s product concepts and new products also open up more possibilities in the living space – with an impressively calm, timeless charisma, which is also conveyed by the use of high-quality materials such as real wood and ceramics.

BOSSA. Skilfully architectural, modern, bold – the real wood surface programme for interior design With the BOSSA programme, the new real wood surface, LEICHT is breaking new ground in the premium kitchen market – BOSSA polarises, impresses, catches the eye. Available in oak or walnut veneer, it is the vertically lined surface structure of the front that is particularly expressive: protruding, linear ridges, 7.5 mm wide with a gap of 5 mm between each ridge, give the veneer a delicate, extremely vital, three-dimensional look.

The overall width of this fundamental pattern of 12.5 mm corresponds exactly to LEICHT’s vertical joint pattern. The stringent result is a uniform, visual fusion of kitchen, wall and unit fronts to create a furnishing soloist. Whether in the cooking, dining or living area, in the entrée or hallway: with BOSSA, surfaces can be designed, structured and combined to form an overall uniform architectural structure. BOSSA lays the foundation for a new type of room concept, a new furnishing aesthetic principle that will shape the style of future planning. With this real wood surface, LEICHT offers a comprehensive range of products for all representative kitchen design as well as the directly adjacent living areas, and once again positions itself in future-oriented interior design. New-look carcase: extension of the carcase height and colour in carbon grey Along with the heights of 73 cm and 80 cm, LEICHT has now added a third carcase height of 86 cm to its product range.

The lower plinth of 7 cm subtly influences the effect of the kitchen. The new dimension creates a cubic, poised and architecturally clear look, which reflects the reduced design language of the kitchen manufacturer and is available for the PRIMO, EVO and CONTINO lines. This new carcase height also provides additional functional storage space. Another new feature of the carcase is the choice of colour for the interior. In addition to light platinum grey, LEICHT is now expanding this range with an extremely elegant dark carbon grey. The high-quality aura of this dark colour scheme satisfies the demand for more emotionality, whether in the classic kitchen or in the adjoining dining and living area. While the carcase in platinum has a clear, technically objective look, the carcase in carbon grey appeals directly to the senses. In keeping with this aesthetic principle, all interior features are consequently adapted to the new colour: cutlery trays, waste systems, pullouts and the powder-coated frames appear in carbon grey with a delicate shimmer, while the glass elements of the pullouts are slightly tinted with a chamfered edge. LEICHT thus offers a colour-homogeneous look both inside and out – because the desire for kitchen designs in dark, emotionally luxurious shades is increasing.

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