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Leicht Kitchen - F45-C-Topos Marmo

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In the coordinated interplay of function and aesthetics, colour and material, this kitchen plan by LEICHT combines practical storage space solutions with homely design elements. The top-quality VERO glass display cabinets play a decisive role in this: as a luxurious room divider, VERO glass display cabinets with anodised metal frames are used as a wall element on the left to divide the space. 

A love of colour, material and detail: modern marble effect meets deep “midnight blue” and glass elegance

Available for the first time with glass on both sides, they create exciting lines of sight between the two areas of life. Directly adjoining them, a closed unit run in subdued “olive grey” forms the direct transition to the cooking area – the handle-less kitchen run with a new carcase height of 86 cm in the new shade “midnight blue” is the focus here. In combination with the ultra-matt F45 surface with anti-fingerprint effect, the deep blue has a discreetly calm colour effect without appearing too dominant.

Finely-balanced details, such as lighting inserted flush below the worktop, create subtle effects. The new carcase height is accompanied by a new, dark interior colour: carbon grey. Its high-class, sensuous aura teams up well with the rich effect of “midnight blue”, particularly in this kitchen design. The new MARMO front with melamine resin coating and ultra-matt lacquer finish was chosen to match these colours and is used over the entire rear wall space. The special coating of the surface, based on the look and feel of luxurious marble, has a practical anti-fingerprint finish and makes a trendy statement.

As a recurring homely element, a smaller version of the VERO glass display cabinets floats freely above the open seating area. With an elegant “bergamo elm” real wood surface from the TOPOS range, this convivial focal point rounds off the overall kitchen scenario.

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