When cookware is placed, a coloured area appears in the corresponding position on the touch display. (Photo: Miele)

New induction hob from Miele combines intuitive touch control with power and flexibility

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Miele's KM 7999 induction hob offers flexible space for up to five cooking utensils and is operated via a touch display. (Photo: Miele)
Power or temperature settings are conveniently made at the touch of a finger on the multi-coloured TFT display. (Photo: Miele)

Touch displays are an integral part of our everyday lives and have long since become indispensable in the kitchen. Miele has already demonstrated this with its Generation 7000 built-in appliances: Ovens, steam cookers and the like are easier and more intuitive to operate via touch display than almost any other cooking appliance before. Now the company is launching another powerful induction hob. It has three PowerFlex Plus areas for variable cooking with up to five pots and pans, is conveniently controlled via an integrated seven-inch TFT colour display and also offers 23 assistance programmes that ensure perfect results when frying.

Adaptable cooking areas for up to five pots and pans

The KM 7999 induction hob from Miele is timelessly elegant, drawing attention to the integrated, multi-functional and multi-coloured touch display. Centrally located on the glass ceramic front panel, power levels, temperatures and cooking times for the individual cooking zones can be selected intuitively at the touch of a finger. Thanks to the permanent pot recognition system, a coloured area appears on the display for each cooking utensil. A pulldown menu leads to further functions such as wipe protection or display brightness.

Up to five pots and pans can be placed individually and flexibly within the three PowerFlex cooking zones. The special PowerFlex Plus zones of the KM 7999 are very adaptable: for example, the two side areas each accommodate up to four pots or pans. The centre offers space for large cookware such as pasta pots, with diameters of up to 30 centimetres. There is also an additional highlight for lovers of larger roasters. These can now be placed not only on the sides, but also horizontally, centrally above the display. This is made possible by interconnecting two PowerFlex zones to form one large horizontal area. When things need to move really fast and, for example, a large amount of boiling water is required, three powerful boosters provide the extra power needed.

Embedded in the PowerFlex Plus ranges, a total of eight TempControl sensors ensure perfect results when roasting. These infrared sensors under the glass surface precisely regulate the temperature between 140 and 230 degrees Celsius and eliminate the need for manual readjustment of the power levels. This makes burnt food a thing of the past. Once TempControl is selected after setting up the pan, roaster or pot, the heating process begins. An acoustic signal informs the cook as soon as the desired temperature is reached. Special accessories are not required for this function; the cookware used only has to be induction compatible.

Clever assistance functions for perfect results when roasting

In addition, 23 assistance programmes can be accessed directly via the clear display at quick access and provide support if you do not know exactly which temperature is ideal for which food. The display then shows brief instructions and the correct temperature setting. This way, hearty meat dishes, tender fish, delicate egg dishes or desserts are sure to succeed. Manual temperature adjustments are possible at any time.

Naturally, the induction hob is network-compatible via WLAN and can be integrated into the Miele app soon. To ensure a pleasant room climate at all times, the hob communicates with a Miele cooker hood using the tried-and-tested Con@ctivity function: Depending on what is happening on the hob, the suction power is automatically adjusted.

The 90-centimetre-wide Miele induction hob, designated KM 7999, is available in two versions now: frameless for flush installation or with a narrow, upright stainless steel frame.

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