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Nobilia Collection 2019 - more than the kitchen

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Nobilia Flash 503 alpinwhite hochglanz 2 - Collektion 2019

Living up to its motto “more than the kitchen,” the nobilia 2019 collection captures even more living spaces in the home. In addition to the kitchen, dining and
living room, the company also presents attractive solutions for the utility room, wardrobe and bathroom. With this expansion, the range raises the bar on versatility and offers exciting possibilities for a holistic interior design. A wealth of new features also means creative freedom for modern customisable designs. Nine new fronts, two additions each to the carcase and Color Concept colours, nine new worktop décors, twelve new upright panel colours, nine new niche claddings with motifs and 14 new handles leave nothing to be desired when it comes to spot-on trend designs.

Integrated design with nobilia – modern and inspired solutions for kitchen, bath, wardrobe and more

more than the kitchen

The trend toward urbanisation continues unabated. As a result, housing space in the cities is becoming increasingly scarce. Thus, there is great demand for concepts that enable comfortable living even in small spaces. In many cases, open-plan living arrangements are the solution: Boundaries become fluid as cooking, dining, living and working areas flow seamlessly into one another. To meet these needs, nobilia offers all sorts of inviting and functional solutions, which adapt flexibly to the individual circumstances to make optimum use of rooms and capture the spirit of modern home living. In this process, the kitchen has increasingly become the heart of the home. And with the new nobilia collection, its design
can easily be incorporated into all living areas. The solutions, which are as beautiful as they are practical, are just as inspiring in the entryway and bathroom.

New fronts and colours

The new fronts, Color Concept colours and worktop décors attractively showcase the latest interior design trends. From cool industrial vibes to elegant purism and cosy cottage style, everything is possible. The new range is inspired by a popular attitude towards life which merges the desire for an urban lifestyle with the longing for the simplicity found in nature. The successful fusion is reflected in the new surfaces. Steel and marble reproductions enhance the range alongside concrete, stone and wood décors.

At nobilia, superior design starts in the entry level price range. The popular concrete look is still going strong, and it is easy to achieve even in price group 1 with Speed in Black Concrete reproduction. Matching worktops, upright panels and plinth panels allow for a homogeneous design of the entire surroundings.

Stone grey slate reproduction adds an additional stone décor to StoneArt. The range of laminate designs – to match the Xtra worktop – was introduced with great success in the market in the last collection. Stone grey slate is a light shade of grey, which will have great appeal in the market. The three-dimensional surface lends the front an especially authentic look and feel. Coordinating upright panels and worktops in Xtra design make it possible to achieve a homogeneous natural stone aesthetic.

A highlight of the collection is the new lacquered laminate front Inox in Brushed steel reproduction. Its cool, technical look is the ideal foundation for young, urban designs that embody industrial chic. Whether as a stylish end-to-end solution or appealing accent, Inox brings a professional look to every kitchen and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Handleless LINE N designs are also possible. Matching upright panels and plinths for
surround designs complete the range.

Wood continues to be an important ingredient for dream kitchens in very different styles. Particularly oak décors – in all their various expressions – are still right on trend. There are now two new designs available in the Riva range: Somerset oak reproduction is a finegrained décor for sophisticated designs with exceptional elegance. The assortment gets a darker shade with nuances of Grey in Dakota oak, which lends itself to striking modern design interpretations. In the Structura range Havana oak radiates warmth and naturalness in a medium colour intensity. It conveys a feel-good atmosphere with its sensual and authentic character.

Grey continues at the forefront of interior trend colours and has established a lasting presence in kitchen design. Accordingly, two new lacquered laminate fronts in Stone grey supplement the range. These are the popular Touch in supermatt and a framed front from the new cottage style range Cascada. With its matching surround designs, this range has all the prerequisites for modern cottage style kitchens and is also available in the storageoriented XL variation.

Furthermore, a lacquered laminate front in Alpine white high gloss rounds off the popular Flash range. In addition, the entire selection of Flash fronts is also available for 2019 as a handleless Line N kitchen.

Marble has become one of the new favourite materials of interior design. It can also be used in the kitchen to create stunning and stylish accents. Color Concept offers two new décors for this: Carrara marble as the lighter version or Teramo marble as the darker alternative. Both appear beautifully natural and yet lend the furnishings a hint of luxury.

Modern surround designs

Nine new worktop décors enable versatile and trendy combinations. Of these, two new features supplement the assortment of exclusive Xtra worktops: In response to frequent customer requests, the Xtra range now also has a wood décor – Mixedwood reproduction – in addition to Stone grey slate reproduction. The innovative Xtra worktop has successfully established itself in the market and was already distinguished during the year with the “Kitchen Innovation of the year 2018” award as well as the Red Dot award.

Moreover, nobilia also presents 12 new upright panel coloursand 14 new handles. In keeping with the industrial look, a majority of the handles are Black or Anthracite in colour. The range now boasts cast iron as a material alongside metal. Nine new niche claddings with landscapes or cityscapes, dark tile mosaics, spices or word clouds are another plus for inspiring modern designs.

Open shelf units with a system

Open shelf units have become a hot topic in modern interior designs. The new nobilia collection makes it easy to incorporate this trend. Two new modular shelving systems provide plenty of options for individualised designs. With its discreet aluminium frame in Black or Stainless steel finish,Infinity brings industrial charm to the ambience. The system can be combined with 54 décors.

Even more versatile is Backlight, an ambitious shelving system for achieving holistic, modern designs. Backlight allows flexible planning and does away with the borders between living spaces. Kitchens and living rooms aren’t the only spaces to benefit from its innovative details, elegant design and a multitude of practical features – it is also ideal for furnishing wardrobes, dressing areas or bathrooms. It is all made possible by a broad product range comprised of shelves, glass shelves, wardrobe rails, wooden boxes and planter boxes as well as wall-mounted base units. The shelves can be equipped with an LED plant grow light to create a personal “urban jungle”.

Homely solutions for the bathroom

The bathroom today is being transformed into a wellness oasis with homely character. Which is why well-thought-out, modern furnishings with sufficient storage are becoming more important in the bathroom as well. nobilia products meet these desires for beautiful design and functionality perfectly. Expanding into the bathroom segment is therefore a logical advancement. An independent assortment of bathroom and vanity units as well as washbasins and taps supplements the range for the 2019 collection. Thus, nobilia once again provides retailers with an integrated solution from a single source. The base units for bathroom designs successfully passed the TÜV Rheinland testing according to the legal requirements of the RAL-GZ 430 quality standards. Nobilia bathroom furniture is available in all front and carcase colours.

Cleverly planned utility rooms

The kitchen continues to gain importance in modern living concepts. More and more, it is becoming the central living area and gathering place of the home. Along with functionality, an inviting ambience plays a central role here. Modularly arranged designs, open shelving solutions and minimalistic focus on the essentials are what distinguish modern, designoriented kitchens. The transparency and lightness of these designs are often hardly compatible with washing machines or broom closets. Thus, these can end up in the basement, out of the way. But then they are no longer readily accessible for everyday use. Moreover, many single family homes or flats today no longer even come with basements. This has led to a revival of the utility room.

With an expanded range for utility room designs, the 2019 collection meets all the prerequisites for an optimum and ergonomic design of this space. A comprehensive product range and plenty of practical accessory items allow ingenious designs in even the smallest spaces, for instance for laundry care. Our solutions for raised washing machines and dryers are TÜV certified and have been awarded the GS quality seal for tested safety.

New accessories provide added value

In addition, there are countless new features in the details of the nobilia 2019 collection. For instance, the new glass design fronts Flat in three trendy variations or theYork framed doors with wooden lattice insertbecome instant eye-catchers. Ideal for an even tidier kitchen – internal tablar pull-outs or recessed shelves with flap doors, behind which kitchen appliances and utensils can be neatly stowed away. The new waterproof bottom shelves for sinks and vanity base units offer extra security. Thanks to the new master lifting column – FlexMotion – tables are now flexible and height adjustable at the push of a button.


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