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In the design of individual kitchen solutions, style and functionality are crucial, but materials have an equally important emotional role to play. Perfectly chosen, they will reflect the personality of their owner. This is especially true of open-plan kitchens, which are in direct dialogue with living and dining furniture. And this means they not only have to fulfil specific functions, but must also meet the high standards of their users aesthetically.

Materials as agents of emotion

Because individual customer preferences differ so widely, SieMatic materials and product lines are almost unlimited in the scope of variability they provide. Depending on the taste of the global client, kitchen design concepts can range from extrovert to subtle, colourful to monochrome. Compact kitchens alongside spacious, open-plan solutions. In every respect an emotionally diversified spectrum encompassing versatility, colourfulness and plurality. And linking them all: the design quality and timeless elegance of the SieMatic brand.

When selecting materials, not only are their own features important, but also those of the surrounding architecture, which will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. The kitchen concepts realised by SieMatic planners worldwide clearly demonstrate the strong interplay between materials, style and architecture. Kitchens are designed according to one of two alternative approaches: in harmony with the surrounding architecture, or as a conscious stylistic departure from it. In line with the preferences of the individual kitchen user, and as versatile as international customers can be.

Multiple award winner SieMatic SLX Ceramic captivates with its design and material.

An avant-garde and overly tall ashlar with exposed concrete base and walls was a structural feature which called for a kitchen able to hold its own against such monumental impact. The answer was an extrovert sculpture of a kitchen, completely encased in ceramic. With an illuminated stainless steel-coloured recess channel, as well as fronts, end panels and countertops in white, heavily veined Syros Blanco ceramic. Simultaneously an exhibit and a kitchen, it lends the entire scene a museum-like quality and is a genuine eye-catcher.

The fascination of SieMatic SLX Ceramic starts with its overall appearance and the striking decor of the ceramic itself, moves on to its recess channels and smallest of details, before arriving at the countertop which is visibly just 6 mm thick and appears to be hovering in mid-air. LED light strips integrated in the shadow gaps are variable in their colour temperature and brightness, depending on the time of day and the mood. 

The handle-free, elegant SieMatic S2 design harmonises insightfully with Jugendstil architecture and decor.

This kitchen has a particularly delicate appearance thanks to matte Metallic fronts in shimmering rose gold. The surface and texture cause a multi-faceted fracturing of the light. The cold-rolled stainless steel countertop, as well as the recess channel in polished nickel, both with shiny surfaces and resulting reflections, perpetuate the theatrical quality of the light. The playfulness of this kitchen reflects the ornamental design of the walls and ceilings in this period building. And even the honey-coloured inlaid parquet flooring and contoured panel doors harmonise perfectly with the sophisticated overall presentation – a consciously composed work of art.

Setting trends in design, functionality and quality worldwide.

Based on its corporate standards and own conception of what it stands for, SieMatic believes its design, functionality and quality to be among the very best. Around the world, SieMatic trusts in over 400 carefully selected and qualified partners with around 2,000 kitchen specialists. The SieMatic planners are highly skilled in taking the company product portfolio and embarking on the design process between consultant and end customer in a quest to develop the perfect kitchen in every case. They create individual dream kitchens from the almost unlimited design options provided by the furniture ranges, materials, surfaces, accessories and 1,950 special colours in velvet matte and high gloss. This process is charged with emotion and should be highly pleasurable because the result is something extremely individual: a SieMatic kitchen as an expression of personality and as the central living space for discerning customers all over the world.

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