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TEAM7 kitchen linee in 11 wood species
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This is the chameleon of TEAM 7 kitchens. With a huge range of different styles available, the linee kitchen adapts easily to any kind of space requirements and every individual customer’s wishes. The combination of solid wood and coloured glass allows variety in design planning. In classic or modern style, from a simple kitchenette to a large family kitchen with an island unit – linee makes planning as simple as a wish list. Numerous configuration options means there is a perfect solution for any taste. There is a wide choice of handles, front styles and elegant coloured glass sides. Alcove units with a wood or coloured glass rear wall add a cosy charm to the linee kitchen.

linee offers individualised kitchen designs in wood, glass and ceramic

Open, solid wood alcoves can be integrated into the linee kitchen to provide display space for decorative accessories. These are ideal for attractive jars, spice mills or a pestle and mortar. Alcoves loosen up the overall look and can be used as display cases – especially when designed with doors in clear or smoky glass. They can also be fitted with dimmable LED lighting as desired. The rear walls of these display cases can also be individually designed, with glass in various colours or solid wood with horizontal or vertical grain pattern.

As well as its distinctive aesthetic appeal, the linee kitchen also prioritises comfort and ergonomics. Practical innovations simplify everyday tasks in the kitchen. A gentle tap is all it takes to open drawers and doors. And tucked away behind elegant solid wood surfaces are practical power sockets.


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